Student Spotlights

Meet the Jones-Rhem Family
April 27, 2021

We’re happy to introduce the Jones-Rhem Family.  Amiyah (Kindergarten), Amichi (Second Grade) and Dylan (Fourth Grade) attend the IDEA School located in Tucson, AZ. The mom, Lynze, shared some thoughts on school choice and scholarship funding:  “Being a single mother, providing for three children comes with pressure but I know investing in their education at this […]


Meet the Salvatierra Family
March 1, 2021

Meet the Salvatierra Family: Jonathan, Jose and Angelica all attend Queen of Peace Catholic School (QOP) in Mesa, Arizona and Luis is a graduate of Queen of Peace and now a junior at Mesquite High School in Gilbert. Luis started at the school in 2nd grade and the other three have attended QOP since Pre-K. […]


Meet The Torres-Manzo Family
February 2, 2021

Meet Moises an eighth-grade student at St. Gregory’s Catholic School in Phoenix. When Moises was a young child, he was abandoned by his biological mother in Mexico City. Sadly, his situation didn’t improve as he was forced to stay with an abusive elder, who forbade him from a formal education. The Police became involved and […]


December Family Spotlight: Meet The Guerrero Family
December 17, 2020

Meet the Guerrero Family and hear about their story to find the right fit for their four sons in this heartwarming family spotlight.  The boys have been at Arizona Lutheran Academy in Phoenix since 2018. From Michelle, Registrar and Admissions Coordinator at Arizona Lutheran Academy: Janet Guerrero came to me during the summer of 2018 […]


Meet Natalia from Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix
November 19, 2020

Meet Natalia, a Senior at Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Read about this well-rounded student and her inspirational family story in her own words. As a little girl I would go to the Bourgade football games when my brother was a football player and my sister was a cheerleader. I knew Bourgade Catholic […]


Meet Jaxon from PS Academy
October 22, 2020

Meet Jaxon, an 8th grade student at PS Academy in Gilbert, AZ. This is his second year at the school and the transition has been like night and day according to his mom, Renee. Jaxon was diagnosed toward the end of fourth grade with Tourette’s Syndrome. At his previous school, the staff didn’t know how […]


Meet Lexi
September 23, 2020

Meet Lexi, an eighth-grade student at Yuma Adventist Christian School (YACS). Lexi proudly stated, “My grades have gone sky high since I entered YACS, and the teachers take time to make sure you actually get the lesson.” The ratio of students to teacher is much smaller than at her previous school, which allows each student […]


Meet the Perez Family
August 27, 2020

Sasha Perez is currently a Junior at Loyola University in Chicago and is an Alumni from St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix where her brother, Diego is currently in his Junior year. Monica Perez is a single mom; she has worked full time ever since the children can remember to provide for the family.  […]


Meet Adam from Valley Lutheran in Phoenix
July 31, 2020

Meet Adam and get to know him in his own words. He will be a senior this year at Valley Lutheran High School located in Phoenix. My name is Adam Niyogushima I am an aspiring entrepreneur and a future world changer. I am in the process of becoming a financial professional, I am about one […]


June Spotlight: Meet Madison from ACCEL
June 22, 2020

Meet Madison, who just completed the second grade at ACCEL (Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills) and is going into her third year at the school. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and severe developmental delay. According to the family, Madison, does not learn at the same speed as everyone else and it […]



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