Meet the Conner-Townsend Family from St. Joseph Catholic School in Tucson Photo

Meet the Conner-Townsend Family from St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Tucson

November 21, 2022

Meet the Conner-Townsend Family. Robert and Dolores Conner adopted their six grandchildren so they could provide them with a fresh start and the greatest chance for success. They moved their grandchildren from Pinetop to Tucson, where the Conner’s live, so they could lead a normal life with a quality education, in a faith-based environment.

The Conners, who are Catholic, wanted to raise their grandchildren in the Catholic faith and St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Tucson was a perfect fit. They felt the teachers and staff truly care about their students’ well-being and would be able to provide structure, which was important after the children were removed from their previous negative and dangerous home environment. St. Joseph’s took the time to evaluate all the children when enrolling them in school. One of the grandsons was behind academically, after evaluations and testing, the school helped him get the accommodations he needed.  He now has an aide and has grown tremendously both academically and spiritually.

According to Robert, “The school has supported my wife and I in helping our grandkids in their academics and spiritual well-being. The school is one big family. Without the Arizona Leadership Foundation, our grandchildren would not have had the opportunity to attend St. Joseph Catholic School. It has given our family a peace of mind knowing our children are safe and in a caring environment. ALF gave our grandchildren the chance they deserve to be a part of a caring community and for that we are most grateful.”

Meet the Family:
Jeremiah -11 years old in 5th grade and wants to be an artist.
Simitrio – 13 years old in 6th grade and would like to go to college and be a policeman.
Savannah – 16 years is a Sophomore wants to go to Pima Community College and then the University of Arizona to be an Ultrasound Tech.
Donald – 17 years old is a Junior wants to go to Pima Community College and the University of Arizona to study Engineering.
Nayeli – 18 years old is a Senior and wants to attend college out of state where she can be a Performing Arts teacher.
Celeste – 24 years old is currently studying at Pima Community College and wants to go to the University of Arizona to study Early Childhood Education.

Claudia Teran, Scholarship/Admissions administrator, had this to see about the Conner-Townsend Family and Dolores who has taken a role as an aid at the school.  “Mrs. Conner, has a heart of gold, not only when seeking the best for her grandkids, but in the way she serves our St. Joseph school community. She is in charge of the aftercare program and is always available to assist in other ways. She is warm and always has more love to give to others. Mr. and Mrs. Conner are heroes, positive influences, loving people who have been able to bond with almost everyone in our school community. We have enjoyed getting to know the whole Conner-Townsend Family.”

About St. Joseph’s Catholic School:
Since 1920, St. Joseph Catholic School has been an integrated ministry that provides our students with a solid religious and academic foundation. We support parents in their role as primary educators of their children. We strive to fully develop each individual, whose daily needs will be met through right choices, self-discipline, and respect for others. We work to create an environment in which the individual can succeed in reaching his/her potential in order to give back to the community. As facilitators of Catholic education, we provide a safe, nurturing, child-centered faith community.