Meet Waylon from the Foundation for Blind Children Photo

Meet Waylon from the Foundation for Blind Children

October 25, 2022

Meet Waylon, who is in first grade at the Foundation for Blind Children (FBC). Waylon has a very rare chromosome abnormality that has caused multiple disabilities including cortical visual impairment. Waylon started receiving visual therapy services from FBC when he was around a year old. When it was time to choose a preschool, the family looked to FBC. They knew it was the right fit to facilitate Waylon’s unique needs because of the way they are able to cater to visual deficits in all aspects of the environment and learning experience. According to his mom, Lisa, Waylon loves his routine in the classroom, exploring the hallways of school and participating in activities on the playground. Waylon has a lot of potential and it’s been clear from very early on that he is able to learn new things best once he’s comfortable with his surroundings visually, has a routine and a lot of repetition. He loves books, numbers and counting. Away from school, Waylon loves to be on the go, exploring the outdoors and he is a tech wizard at home. His parents Dole, in the automotive business and Lisa, who is a festival producer and owns a small retail business, said they are very thankful for the help from the Arizona Leadership Foundation and the support for Waylon’s educational journey. By giving him a scholarship it has provided an opportunity to continue his education at FBC.

Amber Hodges, M.S. Teacher of the Visually Impaired had this to say about Waylon, “Waylon is a very determined student here at FBC in my classroom. We have all seen him grow and progress in strides since beginning here and even this year. He is becoming more independent in many areas including walking, writing activities, group participation and math activities. It has been so exciting to see.”

About Foundation for Blind Children:
Foundation for Blind Children (FBC) was founded in 1952 by parents of children with visual impairments. FBC serves individuals who are blind and visually impaired of all ages, from birth to 102 years old. As the only agency of its kind in Arizona, the Foundation for Blind Children is an essential resource to families and children with blindness or low vision. FBC core values are Exceptional Service, Advocacy, Financial Responsibility, Great Work Environment, and our Community Partners. Foundation for Blind Children’s mission is “To provide education, tools and services that enable all persons with vision loss to achieve greater independence.” We strive to have a world where vision loss is a diagnosis, not a disability.