September “Where Are They Now” Spotlight: Luis Jimenez

September 30, 2022

Over a decade ago, Luis Jimenez played in a grade school Mariachi Band at the Arizona Leadership Foundation Scholarship Fair. Luis played the violin and sang as part of the group, he has had the quite the journey since that sunny day in Tucson.

Meet our latest “Where Are They Now” Spotlight Story, Luis Jimenez from Tucson, AZ.  He attended St. John the Evangelist Catholic School where he received a scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation.  From there he went on to attend University High School in Tucson before going to The University of Notre Dame where he just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Constitutional Studies. Luis became the first Notre Dame Ace Academy student (nationwide network of elementary schools that partner with Notre Dame) to enroll and graduate from the University of Notre Dame.

Currently, Luis is studying for the LSAT and will attend law school next year while working full-time as a paralegal/law clerk. His role entails case law research, preparing cases, drafting different legal documents and interviewing clients. His current efforts result in real-world experience within his desired field of law (Immigration, Criminal and Business proceedings) while saving for Law school. In addition, he is working as a Marketing Consultant for a startup organization in Tucson that provides better scholarship attainment solutions for middle and elementary-level parents, students and schools.

Luis is involved as a volunteer with Student Expedition Program (STEP) where he serves as an academic mentor to aspiring first-generation college students. He went through the program in high school and in addition to being a volunteer he is an alumnus. In high school he was also a National Hispanic Scholar and National Merit Finalist.  He also volunteered at La Casa de Amistad at Notre Dame where he helped teach grade school subjects to children as well as tutor adults who were preparing for their citizenship exams. While at Notre Dame he was a Fighting Irish Scholar, Provost Scholar and a Notre Dame McCloskey Competition Finalist.

Luis provided us a little more insight into his background and why this is a passion in addition to a career interest for him.  “I come from a family of immigrants that have worked hard to give me a better life in the United States. This is the reason why I have extensively pursued a career in law, in order to provide those same opportunities while providing a voice to those who may not be familiar with the process. I, as well as my parents, have worked hard to establish a life in the United States. Now as a first-generation college graduate and with law school on the horizon, I will obtain my Juris Doctorate and work as an attorney in the field of immigration. I am ready to make my mark as a positive force for good in society.”

When reflecting on the scholarship program he had this to say, “Education is the remedy by which inequality of opportunity and poverty may be reduced, thereby becoming the great equalizer.” Education provides great hope for current and future generations to excel, it is truly the best investment we can make today.”