Richard Kirsch

Chief Financial Officer

Throughout his career, Richard has always worked with a number of small businesses or been a self-employed entrepreneur. He has been in wholesale sporting goods, ranching and agriculture, real estate investments and now he serves as the CFO for the Arizona Leadership Foundation. His varied roles throughout his business life, give him a range of experience from relationship management to finance, all of which he brings to ALF.  In the wholesale sporting goods business, he worked with the management team developing new products and oversaw sales and warehouse distribution.  While Richard was in the ranching and agriculture business it required education of the many aspects of the business from veterinary, agronomics, human resources, water management and mechanics.

Richard was a vital part of ALF’s beginnings in 2011, establishing all business accounts, setting scholarship application procedures, corresponding with students and schools, as well as working with the Arizona Department of Revenue on compliance.  Richard handles all financial details for the Foundation, ensuring it runs smoothly. Richard is an integral member of management, as the CFO and is responsible for payment of Low Income scholarships and overseeing the award cycle.

In his free time Richard enjoys exploring on horseback the wilderness areas and monuments in the western states.  He also enjoys overseas travel to Europe and historic places in the US.  He is married and has two daughters and five grandchildren.  His family is a large part of his life.