Megan Fitzsimons

Chief Development Officer- Disabled/Displaced Program

Megan Fitzsimons started with the Arizona Leadership Foundation in June of 2014 working on the disabled and displaced student applications.  In 2016 her role expanded to include development for the Foundation as well.  Prior to joining ALF, Megan was a special education teacher in the public-school system for eight years.   Over the years she taught a range of abilities from low functioning autism, to moderate intellectual disabilities, to mild learning disabilities, in classrooms that ranged from self-contained to resource/inclusion.  She obtained the skills needed to precisely write IEP’s (Individual Education Plans), appropriately run annual IEP meetings, and engage with other special education teachers, regular education teachers, parents and administration on a regular basis.   Having this background enables Megan to read IEP’s/MET with the expertise needed to quickly and accurately evaluate the paperwork for qualification to the Disabled/Displaced scholarship program. In her position she has been able to refine the application process by enlightening schools and parents about the requirements, resulting in fewer declined applicants. In addition, she continues to appraise schools (specializing in special needs students) on their behavioral procedures/protocols, and assess the curriculum.  Megan also investigates and evaluates new schools who are wishing to obtain a partnership with Arizona Leadership Foundation based on a variety of criteria.

In her development role for the Foundation Megan has helped identify potential target donors and target key stakeholders within identified corporations.  She continues donor engagement and following the contribution she works to establish a platform for long term relationships with our corporate partners.

Megan moved to Arizona in 1998 with her family and then went on to attend the University of Arizona where she received a Bachelor of Science in Special Education.  She is married with two children and lives in Fountain Hills.  She is an avid skier and loves to spend time with her family in Park City, UT.

Megan Fitzsimons


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