Student Spotlights

Noel N.
November 1, 2014

San Miguel High School Class of 2015 As a young child, I always felt I was destined for great struggle and little triumph.  I grew up in a small,  two bedroom trailer with five other people.  I was raised by my single mother. As an elementary school student , I was picked on for my […]


The Vibal Family
September 1, 2014

Ludell and Natalie Vibal have 7 beautiful children. Ludell is a Captain in the US Air Force. Ludell was originally stationed in Vandenberg, CA and was re-stationed to Arizona in 2013. Our nation’s military proudly serves our country but often we forget the sacrifices that not only these active duty members make, but also their […]


Mintesinot Cheney
May 1, 2014

As school lets out for the summer, we at the Arizona Leadership Foundation would like to share a very touching story from one of our families. This story truly reminds us that providing scholarships to students, can bring about remarkable education success stories – the appropriate school environment can be life changing!   A Mother’s […]


Riley Matulewic
March 1, 2014

Riley Matulewic is a junior at St. Gregory College Preparatory School. She began attending St. Gregory as a freshman in high school. Her younger sister, Remy, started school at St. Gregory in 6th grade and Riley decided that she wanted to have the same wonderful opportunity as her sister. Riley’s mother is a widow who […]


Hannah Miller
February 1, 2014

Green Fields has been my home for almost four years now. In a sense, it has been my place of self-discovery.  Green Fields is the place where my passions and interests unfolded; I continue to explore new courses and create more possibilities for my future. Before I came to Green Fields, I didn’t feel the […]


Dominique Velde
January 1, 2014

My parents divorced when I was eight and my mom, Joy, is a single, working parent. She’s also my hero. Every day she inspires me to work hard, be kind, stay organized, and focus on what matters most – my education. She wants the best for me when it comes to school and so do I. […]


Lindsay Encinas
December 1, 2013

Lindsay Encinas is a junior at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School, where she has attended school since she was a freshman. Lindsay chose Phoenix Christian because she likes the positive values the school promotes and its strong belief system. Phoenix Christian’s longer class periods and smaller class sizes are very beneficial for learning, Lindsay feels. “We […]


Hayden Clawson
November 1, 2013

This month we have the privilege of sharing Hayden Clawson’s story. He is a 7th grader at New Way Academy in Phoenix.  “New Way Academy has helped me academically with my grades and my reading ability. I feel like I can keep up with my homework and my friends.   I have made friends and […]


Mireya Iglesias-Ayala
October 1, 2013

All my life I had attended south side public schools, but I always searched for change. As I was graduating from middle school long after high school registration was over I stumbled upon San Miguel, or how I called it “the school next to the church we attend mass at.” My mom, while I was […]


Frankie Castaneda
September 1, 2013

Frankie Castaneda transferred to Salpointe high school his freshman year and was glad to participate in the strong curriculum, values and athletic programs offered. During Frankie’s sophomore year, his life took a drastic turn when he was diagnosed with cancer and brain tumors. When Frankie found himself in the emergency room twice, then airvaced to […]



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