The Vibal Family

September 01, 2014

Ludell and Natalie Vibal have 7 beautiful children. Ludell is a Captain in the US Air Force. Ludell was originally stationed in Vandenberg, CA and was re-stationed to Arizona in 2013.

Our nation’s military proudly serves our country but often we forget the sacrifices that not only these active duty members make, but also their families face in order to keep us safe. One of these sacrifices is the constant relocating that families undergo and the potential effect on the education of their children. The Vibal’s explained, ‘that moving is particularly stressful on the children and the one thing they have found to be constant in their changing lives is their education.’ Natalie stays home with the younger children. ‘It has been a blessing to have her be able to stay home to raise them, however, being a military spouse and frequently moving does not afford her the benefits of a stable career. It has been financially stressful and we have been stretched thin,’ Ludell stated.

“Being a military family, private education is the one thing we can provide to our children that helps make the transition of moving a little less stressful. It provides a stable and familiar learning environment that enables them to grow as strong, capable and independent people. When we heard about the scholarship opportunities that the Arizona Leadership Foundation provided, we immediately inquired and applied. After hearing we were awarded such a generous amount for each of our children, we were deeply moved and felt extremely blessed. We are so grateful to all the generous donors who believe in the power of private education!” the Vibal’s said.

Currently Ethan, Caelynn, Luke attend Immaculate Heart Academy in Yuma, AZ. Ethan, a 7th grader, has aspirations of attending UCLA to study engineering with the hope of some day being an US Air Force Pilot. Caelynn is an artistic 6th grader who enjoys teaching and would love to study art at UCLA.  Luke is a 3rd grader, and his favorite subject is math.

The Arizona Leadership Foundation proudly provides scholarship assistance to private schools and Lexie’s Law schools throughout Arizona with no preference to religious or political affiliation. We believe parents should have a choice when it comes to the education of their children! The Arizona Leadership Foundation is able to offer scholarships through Arizona’s Corporate Income Tuition Tax Credit (CTC) Scholarship Program and the Lexie’s Law Corporate Income Tax Credit Program. These Arizona programs are education plans designed to help Low-Income families and families with Disabled/Displaced children obtain the best education for their children.