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September Spotlight: Meet The Rhynard Family
September 27, 2021

Meet the Rhynard family from Phoenix Christian Preparatory School.  They have twelve children: three currently attending Phoenix Christian and two alumni.   Mason graduated in ’19, Easton in ’20, Levi is currently a senior, Frank a junior and Ruby a freshman.

Charity Rhynard shared the family’s journey with Phoenix Christian about wanting a faith-based education and how they could fund it through scholarships. Here is their story:

Les and Charity got engaged on February 9, 2015. Charity was a preschool director in Yuma, Arizona and had become familiar with the Arizona Leadership Foundation because they had helped several of her students over her years there. Les had 10 children still living at home in Phoenix. Les was married previously and his wife Beckey passed away in August of 2012 due to breast cancer. Charity had no children, but had always wanted a large family. They married on March 27, 2015.   Their road to a faith-based education began on their honeymoon in Greer when Charity asked Les if they could put the kids in a Christian school. Les said, “Yes, if you can get scholarship funding for it.”

Charity believed that the family qualified financially but applying was still a faith journey. Les and Charity had to pay the enrollment fee for 9 children at a Christian school.  Charity felt like filling out scholarship applications was a part-time job in addition to her very full-time job of new homemaker! She told us she will never forget the moment of relief in late July when the award emails came through from the Arizona Leadership Foundation. The Arizona Leadership Foundation came through for their family then and continues to do so. Les and Charity are filled with gratitude for each personal and corporate donor who makes Christian, private education possible for their children.

It is our vision for our children to be well-rounded individuals fully equipped to do whatever God has for them to do and to each become the person God wishes them to become. Arizona Leadership Foundation makes it possible for us to send our children to Phoenix Christian Preparatory School: a missional school that has a heart for Jesus and that we believe promotes overall life balance between academics and athletics.

Levi is a senior and his favorite classes are Math and Bible Studies. He enjoys playing football, baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, and track.  After graduation he is thinking of going into some sort of trade work like welding, roofing or possibly becoming an electrician.

Frank who is a junior also enjoys Bible Studies as a class.  He feels like the staff and the coaches at Phoenix Christian make his school experience better academically and athletically. He also plays sports: football, baseball, soccer and basketball.  He enjoys fishing as a hobby.

Ruby who is a freshman this year plays softball and enjoys her bible studies class and is thankful for all the friends she has made at school.  In her free time, she likes to babysit and is thinking about going into Real Estate as a career. All the kids noted that without the help of the Arizona Leadership Foundation’s scholarships, they would not be able to have this opportunity to go to Phoenix Christian.

About Phoenix Christian Preparatory School:
Phoenix Christian, located in the heart of Phoenix offering classes from infant through twelfth grade. We know the rapidly changing world can be overwhelming for parents. When families choose Phoenix Christian, they find a place to call home. Our mission is simple – to educate the minds, form the hearts and equip the hands in a Christ-centered atmosphere. The foundation of the school was built upon the verse, “Train up a child in the way that he shall go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” We believe each student Is created in the image of God and has unique gifts to cherish and develop. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about showing the love of Christ to our students and equipping them for His unique calling on their lives.


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