Noah Rosario

September 27, 2018

Noah is currently a senior in high school, who has been attending Intermountain Academy for three years.  He is on the Autistic spectrum.  Before Intermountain Academy, he went to a public high school where he was in a special education classroom part of the day and in a mainstream class during the remainder of the day.  When he was in the mainstream class, he felt like some people got nervous around him and didn’t understand him or his condition.   Reflecting on the transition to Intermountain, Noah said “The thing is that at Intermountain Academy I have more friends that care about me and they have my back even when I am having a hard time.   I’m interacting more with everybody, and I am more a part of everything that is happening around the community.”   He is very thankful to the Arizona Leadership Foundation for the scholarship that allows him to attend Intermountain, where he feels more at home. His favorite subject is PE because it makes him feel like a Ninja Warrior. He also enjoys art and wants to study Graphic Design in the future.  When talking about his art he said, “Sometimes my drawings make me feel good about myself.  I’d like to help people to think about how they feel about artwork.  Artwork has feeling.”  In his free time, he enjoys doing Karaoke.  When asked about his transition to the school he said, “I’m more confident than I used to be, and I am more comfortable with letting people know who I am.  I feel proud of that accomplishment.”