Nini Isabel Preciado

February 22, 2018

Nini Isabel Preciado is a senior at Yuma Catholic High School.  Before she started high school, she had accumulated thirteen college math credits while in middle school by promising that she would strive for an engineering degree in college.  Nini chose Yuma Catholic High School, because she recognized it as a true college-preparatory school; a school that offered a great educational program; one with many dual credit classes, and an excellent honors program. In addition, she was able to transfer her college credits, and was able to take Calculus 220 and Calculus 230 during her sophomore and junior years.

Nini really loves learning; her favorite subject is math and if she had to select a favorite class it would be statistics.  She also very much enjoys being creative, performing, and building machines.  She is on two Odyssey of the Mind teams, a lead soprano in Varsity Choir and Mass choir, President of the first Yuma Catholic Robotics Club, and a lead editor of  the school yearbook. She is also the Computer Literacy and GED instructor for the Main Yuma County Library’s Spanish Outreach program, as well as a tutoring advisor.

Outside of school and all her extracurricular activities her hobbies include watching documentaries, reading Agatha Christie and L. Frank Baum’s best works, taking machines apart, and exploring with her imagination.

Nini gave a thoughtful response to the role the Arizona Leadership Foundation has played in her education, “I often contemplate to myself how I might even reach my goals without the funds, and thus I am genuinely grateful for the Arizona Leadership Foundation scholarship. I am always on the search for scholarships because I want to fulfill my goals in a university that values them.”

She feels very honored that my parents and family friends have put forth the sacrifices to get her into a great high school that emphasizes on preparing students like her for college.  Nina will be the first in her family to attend a four-year university in the United States and the first to reach for a major in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and math).  Upon graduation, she is hoping to attend Barrett, the honors college at Arizona State University.