The York Family

March 23, 2018

The York family had previously been home-schooling their children and then tried a local charter school. It turned out to not be the right fit for their family.  The father, Jerimiah York who is a Pastor at Pastor Ridge Christian Fellowship, had done some speaking engagements at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy and was really impressed by the school.  The family then learned about the funding opportunities through the Arizona Leadership Foundation and applied and were approved for scholarships this year.  They currently have three children attending Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, Lilian in 7th Grade, Elissa in 5th grade and Kyle in 3rd grade.

The family is so thankful for this opportunity to send their three children to what they consider to be a top-notch school with a classical education curriculum where the teachers really care about the students.  All three of their children love going to school and learning and this would not be possible without the help from the Arizona Leadership Foundation.

Lillian who is in 7th Grade really enjoys math, drama and art.  She is also on the cross-country team.  She has her sites set on doing something in the legal field or politics when she grows up.  Elissa who is in 5th Grade is very involved in the school’s Shakespeare Festival.  She is also going to participate in the running club and she is a member of the science club.  She loves to bake and cook in her free time.  Kyle like his sister is in science club and also really enjoys history.  The family lives on a large plot of land and all three kids love to run around and be outside and help with the family garden.

The family feels like the transition to Pusch Ridge Christian Academy has been life changing and they are eternally thankful for the opportunity.