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Meet the Velasquez Family
September 24, 2019

The Velasquez family feels fortunate to have found St. Timothy’s Catholic School in 2015.  They were looking for an educational environment that is faith-based, offers strong academics and has a strong community.  At that time, their middle child, Cristian, was just beginning kindergarten with severe food allergies.  The family wanted to make sure they were in an environment where that could be managed.  Currently, Isabella, Marco Jr., Cristian and Victoria, the oldest of the family’s six siblings all attend St. Timothy’s Catholic School in Mesa.

Their oldest, Isabella is thriving and enjoying 8th grade this year as she prepares for high school next fall. As an avid writer and reader, Isabella has written, illustrated and published 3 books in a children’s chapter book series all while keeping an “A” average in middle school.  Her extracurricular activities include volleyball, basketball, serving on her school’s Student Council as Class Representative, helping to organize service projects in the National Junior Honor Society and serving her church as an Advanced Altar Server.

Marco Jr., began 6th grade this year and really likes the middle school schedule. At the age of 10, Marco found his true passion with theater. He has been cast in the last six Mesa Arts Center performances with East Valley Children’s Theater. He has received nominations for three of his six roles and continues to grow in his talent and love for theater. At school, he enjoys using his theater experience for all the fine arts opportunities that come his way.  Marco has maintained grades of an “A” average. He also enjoys serving on his school’s Student Council as Communications Officer and supports his church by serving as an Altar Server.

Cristian is enjoying his 4th Grade year, he is the one Velasquez child that has been at St. Timothy’s his entire school career, having started in kindergarten.  Cristian’s 4th grade class is special in that, since kindergarten, he hasn’t been alone in his food allergy lifestyle. Two of his friends in his class and have severe food allergies, therefore, he never feels alone. St. Timothy’s has instituted a safe environment for children with food allergies by providing a safe space at lunch for children with food allergies and making sure they never sit alone. Cristian enjoys playing flag football, serving on his school’s Student Council as Class Representative and is honored to start serving his church as an Altar Server this fall.

Victoria is a bubbly, joy-filled kindergartner this year.  The family noted that she has been counting down the days until she could go to school with her older siblings. Victoria enjoys coloring and making beautifully, detailed artwork and playing with her brothers and sister. Victoria happily comes home each day and shares all the things she is learning, including how to be a good friend and of course all the ABC’s of kindergarten.

The family is very appreciative for having school choice through the Arizona Leadership Foundation.  The mom, Mandy Velasquez had this to say about her experience with the school and the foundation,  “We feel so blessed and are honored to have our children attending St. Timothy’s Catholic School. Our school community is filled with joy, love, compassion and truly lives out the faith in our academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Having our children at St. Timothy’s is a dream come true. Without the help of the Arizona Leadership Foundation we wouldn’t be able to make that happen. Thank you, Arizona Leadership Foundation for this great gift!”


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