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Meet the Kholderov family from Phoenix Hebrew Academy
June 19, 2023

Meet the Kholderov family from Phoenix Hebrew Academy (PHA). They are a family of seven, with two children currently attending PHA, Aaron is entering 7th Grade and Shlomo will be in 5th grade. Mom, Marina, is a preschool teacher and the dad, Nison is a barber. They have three grown children: Elizabeth who graduated from ASU with a degree in psychology, Emanuel is a barber like this father and Yacov Levi just graduated from high school and will be attending Phoenix Community College in the fall. All three of the older siblings attended Phoenix Hebrew Academy as well.

The Kholderovs chose Phoenix Hebrew Academy because it provides their children a strong foundation in Jewish knowledge and traditions as well as an excellent secular education. They feel it is a warm and nurturing environment and appreciate that the school employs highly educated and supportive teachers.

Aaron and Shlomo enjoy math, STEAM and their Hebrew education. They both play basketball and have pets at home that they take care of in their free time.

Phoenix Hebrew staff shared the following about Aaron and Sholomo. “Aaron is a wonderful boy and is always smiling. He exhibits a positive attitude and outlook in the classroom. Aaron exhibits a lot of Derech Eretz, he behaves in a compassionate and kind manner. It is a pleasure to teach Aaron and he is a hardworking, sincere and an intelligent student. Shlomo is a pleasure to have in class as well. His thoughtfulness and loving demeanor make him sought after to be a friend by other students. He has positive social interaction with his peers, follows school and class rules and displays the same compassionate kind manner, Derech Eretz as his brother.
Marina told us, “A few years back my husband had open heart surgery and we felt that having the scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation to attend Phoenix Hebrew gave our family peace of mind to know we could pay for our children’s education.”

About Phoenix Hebrew Academy:
The Phoenix Hebrew Academy is dedicated to helping young Jewish boys and girls of all backgrounds reach their full potential through an unwavering commitment to excellence in character development, Torah, and General Studies while offering a wide array of extracurricular opportunities. All of this is provided in a warm and nurturing family atmosphere that promotes a deep and lasting love of G-d, Torah, Eretz Yisrael, and the Jewish People. We inspire student curiosity by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to be life-long learners, infusing our students with a strong sense of responsibility to be not only productive members but leaders and role models of society at large. For more information please visit:


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