Student Spotlights

Meet the Jones-Rhem Family
April 27, 2021

We’re happy to introduce the Jones-Rhem Family.  Amiyah (Kindergarten), Amichi (Second Grade) and Dylan (Fourth Grade) attend the IDEA School located in Tucson, AZ.

The mom, Lynze, shared some thoughts on school choice and scholarship funding:  “Being a single mother, providing for three children comes with pressure but I know investing in their education at this age can map out their entire lives. The scholarship from The Arizona Leadership Foundation has allowed me to breathe without worrying about how I can afford a great education for them. I have three very creative children and I knew the way they learned would be through creativity. The IDEA School gives them that outlet. Their outlook on teaching and understanding children is what I love most.”

Amiyah is in Kindergarten and started school during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her mom remarked on how proud she was of her and specifically about the teacher’s patience with the situation. Since officially returning to school, she has seen the confidence and joy on her face every time they talk about her school day.

Amichai is in second grade and been attending the IDEA School since he was in Kindergarten. He loves math and lunchtime.  He recently recorded his first single called “Dream Big” and his teachers were so inspired by it. He likes to sing with his mom.

Dalyn is in fourth grade and been at the IDEA School since Kindergarten as well.  He likes math and plays soccer and is into video editing.  He is interested in becoming a graphic artist or doing some anime work when he gets older.

The Co-Director at the IDEA School, Bahne Kuehne, shared this with us about the family, “We are all so proud to see how the older boys have grown to be open and joyful and trusting of us. They are each very creative and artistically talented and we are happy that our program values and supports their creativity. When these children smile, the whole room lights up!”

About the IDEA School: 
The IDEA School provides a child-centered education that nurtures competence, creativity, collaboration, and compassion through work that is meaningful to students and promotes lifelong learning.

Competence: Daily practice in reading, writing, and math, with developmentally appropriate benchmarks and intensive 1-on-1 support.
Creativity: Daily opportunities to create with mixed media, digital tools, science and math tools, story-making, and more. Students learn how to think outside the box, how to make, and how to innovate.

Collaboration: Students regularly collaborate with each other, with staff and with outside experts to achieve their goals. Students learn from each other’s creative strategies and diverse perspectives.

Compassion: We focus on bringing underrepresented voices to the center of the curriculum, and help our students build empathy toward themselves and others.


Contact Information:
Phone (602) 525-7355
Fax (855) 340-9399
[email protected]


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