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Meet Olivya from Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School
October 28, 2021

Meet Olivya, a darling Kindergarten student at Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School. Olivya has been raised by her father, Kelton, since she was two years old.  Finding a job that understood Kelton’s situation as a single parent has always been a challenge. There were times when he was unemployed simply because he did not have adequate childcare during the traditional work week. Kelton found a job working nights and weekends as a tow truck driver.

Being assisted by the Arizona Leadership Foundation, has given the family the opportunity to have a secure foundation knowing Olivya has an excellent education with caring teachers. This is the most normalcy they have had in the past year with Olivya being at Our Mother of Sorrows in Kindergarten.  Olivya has had more structure and it is apparent how happy she is to be in school. Her teacher Mrs. Covey had this to say about her, “Olivya is a wonderful student who comes to school with such a zest for knowledge. She is a great friend to anyone she meets, and goes out of her way to be helpful and kind. Olivya is a hard worker and tries her best with every task at hand. It is such a joy and blessing to have her as part of our Kindergarten class.”

“There is no question that this is the best place for her to be. Olivya’s life has changed and will remain so by being able to attend a Catholic school with its deep values.  It will provide her the stability and guidance that she could not receive elsewhere,” said her grandmother, Ester. The family has found comfort because of their Arizona Leadership Foundation Scholarship.

About Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School (OMOS):

Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School (OMOS) – lifelong learners walking with Christ educating children from Preschool to Eighth Grade since 1959 located in Tucson, Arizona.  OMOS embraces a diverse community of children that authentically reflects Tucson’s socio-economic population. Here, a well-rounded student experience is ensured for all. We are dedicated to serving the Tucson community and beyond.  In conjunction with collaborative stakeholders, the school achieves its mission by fostering student growth across three foundational pillars: academic advancement, faith formation, & community service. OMOS faculty & staff incorporate through the students, “God calls us to grow in faith, service & knowledge.” For more information on OMOS, please visit our home website at OMOSSchool.Com.


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