Meet Natalia from Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix

November 19, 2020

Meet Natalia, a Senior at Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Read about this well-rounded student and her inspirational family story in her own words.

As a little girl I would go to the Bourgade football games when my brother was a football player and my sister was a cheerleader. I knew Bourgade Catholic was the high school I wanted to go to and create wonderful, unforgettable memories. Now, I attend Bourgade! My favorite thing about Bourgade Catholic is how it has given me opportunities to develop into a better person through the plethora of extracurricular opportunities that I participate in. For example, the clubs I am in are the Spanish Honors Society, Ambassadors Club, Math Club and Letterman’s Club. The sports I have participated in are Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, Junior Varsity Volleyball and I was the Varsity Golf Manager. The major opportunity I have been offered is being enrolled in AP classes where I can gain college credit and a marketing internship. The ability to be involved in many extracurriculars has helped form me into the young woman I am today. The school environment allows students to grasp all the material in depth. The smaller classroom size aids students who need more time with their teacher.

Currently, my favorite class is Forensics, because this type of science only highlights the truth and can determine whether someone is telling the truth in court. I would love to attend college at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I would like to study medicine and eventually work in the medical field as a physician’s assistant.

Both of my parents came from Guatemala and have given our family a better life than what they had as children. My mother and father came to the United States at very young ages not knowing English; my mother was 18 and my father was 16. Throughout all those years they worked extremely hard, my mother cleans houses and my father is a truck driver. I will always be grateful to my parents for always having a roof over our heads and we always have food on the table. My parents are adamant about giving my siblings and me the best education they can afford. My parents will forever be my inspiration and motivation, to be better for them and myself. They have been striving to make their American Dream come true.

I am extremely grateful for the financial aid that the Arizona Leadership Foundation has provided me and that it has enabled me to receive a great education.

Bourgade Catholic High School – Located in Phoenix, Arizona, and established in 1962, Bourgade Catholic High School assists students in discovering and developing their potential through a college preparatory curriculum and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Bourgade Catholic offers 10 AP courses, 12 athletic programs, 10 clubs, and 6 honor societies.