Meet Maddox

August 28, 2019

Meet Maddox, a kindergarten student at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School. Maddox came to the Rinnier Family when he was just two days old and was later adopted by the family at 15 months. He was the eighth child from his biological mother who struggled with homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse. The Rinnier Family believes that they can provide a better opportunity for Maddox than his original family environment; having school choice is a big part of what they believe will help set their son up for success. The family moved into their current house because they wanted to send Maddox to Phoenix Christian Preparatory School. He started attending the school in their preschool program. In addition to having a good reputation academically, they were drawn to the school because they are supportive of families who have foster or adopted children. They really feel welcome at the school as a family and are a part of the close-knit community.

According to his teachers, Maddox is a bright, active and enthusiastic little boy with a huge heart. Maddox has the makings of a future leader with his athletic abilities and his academic potential.

Maddox is like any other kid in Kindergarten, he likes art and learning the alphabet. He was able to take karate lessons through school which he really enjoyed. He also loves to play outside, use Legos and color.

His mom, Danielle works for Grand Canyon University and he would like to attend college there. His family says he is obsessed with all things GCU. And says that when he grows up, he says wants to be able to help people.

The family told us that “The Arizona Leadership Foundation enables our family to be able to afford a quality education. We would struggle to keep Maddox in private school if not for the generosity of ALF.”

About Phoenix Christian Preparatory School:
Phoenix Christian traces its roots back over 100 years, as Arizona was becoming the 48th state. They have been at their current location and operating under the name of Phoenix Christian for over 60 years. Over the past 30 years, they have added Preschool, Elementary School and Middle School. The school has a dedicated faculty and offers students opportunities to learn, grow, and lead through our championship-winning athletics and STEM programs, community service, small groups and clubs, and much more.