Student Spotlights

Meet Lexi
September 23, 2020

Meet Lexi, an eighth-grade student at Yuma Adventist Christian School (YACS). Lexi proudly stated, “My grades have gone sky high since I entered YACS, and the teachers take time to make sure you actually get the lesson.” The ratio of students to teacher is much smaller than at her previous school, which allows each student the opportunity interact more with their teacher. Religion is also a very important part of Lexi’s life which makes attending YACS the right decision for her and her educational pursuits. At YACS, Lexi feels like she has a much more caring learning environment then she did before.

Her favorite subject is math and she jokes that she does her best at it when it refers to money. She works in her neighbor’s yards doing yardwork to earn money to support her love of going shopping. In addition, she enjoys baking, drawing, biking, crocheting and reading. At school, she is involved in a dance class and she has been a Pathfinder/Adventurer her entire life.
“When I graduate high school, I would like to pursue my dream of being a Marine Biologist”, Lexi explained. In order to pursue her dream, she would like to attend college somewhere near ocean. The love of learning YACS is instilling in Lexi, will carry on with her in her secondary education.

She comments that her family is very hard working and that she would not have been able to remain in private school without the help of the scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation.

About Yuma Adventist Christian School: Yuma Adventist Christian School, located at 1681 S. 6th Avenue, is celebrating its 95th birthday this school year! As a matter of fact, it is considered one of Yuma, Arizona’s oldest schools. It has been a pillar of Christian education in the community and its surrounding areas for nearly a century and is proud of the many alum that have come out of this “tiny but mighty” church school.


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