Leslie Fragozo

May 30, 2018

Leslie is going into 7th grade at St. John the Evangelist in Tucson.  Leslie just completed her fifth year at the school.  Her mother, Erika, was looking for a Catholic school environment because she thought it would be a better fit for the family.  Since the transition to St. John’s, the family has felt more accepted.  There’s a deeper connection with the students, faculty and parents.

Leslie’s mom works very hard to support their family.  She recently remarried, and Leslie’s stepfather is deaf.  Leslie has started to learn sign language to be able to communicate with him.  This will make her tri-lingual, as she already speaks English and Spanish.

Leslie’s favorite subject in school is Language Arts.  She would like to be an author or a poet when she grows up.  She has spent some time in Minnesota and is very interested in attending St. Mary’s University to study Journalism.  St. Mary’s has a scholarship program with San Miguel High School in Tucson.  Leslie is currently in the PATH program at St. John’s which will help prepare her for high school and ultimately college.  The Notre Dame ACE Academy Support Program (PATH – Pursuing Achievement Through Higher-Education) provides students with the tools they need to develop a strong character and strengthen their spirituality through each stage of their education.

At school Leslie is involved with Folklorico, which she really enjoys.  She gets to learn about different cultures through the various dresses and songs.  “It is so fun, you get to make music with your feet.”

The family is very appreciative of the support they have received and would not be able to send Leslie to St. John’s without the funding from the Arizona Leadership Foundation.