Meet Guy from the Jones-Gordon School

June 05, 2024

Meet Guy, who just completed second grade at the Jones-Gordon School. Learn about him, his dyslexia and his family’s perspective on school choice in this month’s spotlight. Their experience illustrates how the scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation made a difference in their son’s education.

From Erin and Kevin Jones:

Guy has faced significant hurdles with severe dyslexia and speech. In public school, he made significant strides in speech, thanks to dedicated support. However, his progress in reading was stagnant despite extensive one-on-one attention. After three years in public school (two years in kindergarten and one year in first grade), he still was not reading. It became clear that Guy required more specialized support, specifically from experts in dyslexia. This necessity led us to The Jones-Gordon School, a school that focuses on dyslexia and other similar learning differences.

The tuition costs were daunting, but we knew that reading was non-negotiable, and we had to find the best place to help Guy learn to read. The Arizona Leadership Foundation’s scholarship has been crucial in making this specialized education possible, allowing Guy to make real reading progress for the first time. Guy is slowly but surely learning to read, which brings us immense relief and joy. He has been working so hard, and we are so proud of him!

The scholarships have significantly eased our financial burden and provided Guy with the opportunity to thrive in an environment tailored to his specific needs. Meanwhile, our younger son Henry continues to thrive in a traditional public school setting, underscoring the importance of having educational choices. Both our sons benefit from different educational approaches, which is why access to different educational options is essential. Our family’s journey illustrates the critical role that educational choice plays, especially for families dealing with learning differences that require specialized interventions. The support from the Arizona Leadership Foundation has significantly impacted our family for the better.

The Jones-Gordon School fosters a tight-knit community that allows students with similar challenges to connect and support each other. It also extends up to 12th grade, providing long-term support which is crucial for continuous development and support. This sense of belonging is essential for building confidence and alleviating the isolation often experienced by children with learning differences.

Being among peers who face similar obstacles ensures that Guy feels accepted and can focus freely on his growth. Additionally, the school’s comprehensive approach encourages Guy not only to develop his reading skills but also to cultivate his other strengths.

About Guy from his teacher, Ashley Cunningham:

“I could go on and on about how lucky we are to have Guy as part of our JGS community! He’s responsible, curious, funny, a hard worker, and a talented artist. He’s also the embodiment of our school motto, “Dude, be kind.” Guy stands out as a generous and patient leader among his peers, always ready with a diplomatic solution for any social problem. He is a true asset to his classroom and pleasure to teach!”

About the Jones-Gordon School:

The Jones-Gordon School is an innovative private school, educating high-potential students in 1st­–12th grades from throughout the Phoenix area who have dyslexia, ADHD, and co-occurring learning differences. We believe in a holistic approach that is structured, yet flexible. Setting high expectations. Encouraging curiosity and creativity. Teaching kids to lean into struggle. Resilience. The result? A tailored education that honors—and empowers—each and every student. For more information visit: