Meet Filiberto

January 17, 2019

Meet Filiberto Quintero, a Senior at Yuma Catholic High School. He started there as a Freshman and currently has a 3.78 GPA. He was encouraged by a teacher at his prior school to apply to attend Yuma Catholic High School. Now that he attends Yuma Catholic, Filiberto likes the smaller class sizes and feels that it is a great environment to learn in with teachers who really seem to know him. His favorite subject is math and he plays soccer for the school team and is a member of National Honor Society. His hobbies include swimming and CrossFit. Filiberto has been accepted to Santa Clara University, but will likely attend the University of Arizona. He is interested in studying Biomedical Engineering and wants to someday be a Cardiologist. At a young age, Filiberto set an intention for himself to attend a university in the United States and will be the first person in his family to do so – something he is very excited about! During fourth grade, he started to live with his aunt in San Luis, Arizona; even though it was a hard transition, it helped him become a more independent person. “If it wasn’t for the support Arizona Leadership Foundation has given me and my entire family, I could not have the opportunity to pursue an education where I feel I do my best.”