Meet Faith: The April Student Spotlight

April 24, 2019

Amethyst “Faith” Trevizo is a 7th grade student at Cupertino Power Learning Academy.  Faith has a severe form of Autism.  Autism is a spectrum disorder which ranges from high functioning to severe low functioning abilities.  Faith is nonverbal, and suffers from several disorders including dyspraxia, apraxia, dysphagia and severe sensory integration disorder.  (Dyspraxia/Apraxia make it hard for the brain to communicate with muscles in the mouth and Dysphagia, is a swallowing disorder that makes eating solid foods difficult.)  Faith started attending Cupertino in August of 2018.  The family feels that she is receiving the support that she desperately needs and wasn’t receiving in the public-school setting.  At Cupertino, Faith has a 1:1 aide that provides constant supervision and also aides in her academic instruction.  In addition to academic instruction that is directly taught at Faith’s ability level, she also receives instruction in “life skills”.  These are the skills that the general population takes for granted, such as being independent in the restroom, ordering food at a restaurant, folding laundry, and much more.

Faith’s mom Leslie said “After my husband passed away in 2011 of cancer, my resources are limited and the scholarship from Arizona Leadership Foundation gave Faith the opportunity to attend Cupertino Power Learning Academy which has been an exceptional for her.”  Cupertino Academy commented on how Faith has made great gains at Cupertino this year, both academically and socially.

Cupertino Power Learning Academy serves students with disabilities in the Verde Valley, with an emphasis on communication and sensory supports. Their program includes yoga, fitness, music therapy, parental support, and community outreach.  They serve Kindergarten through age 22 and their philosophy is presuming competence.  Cupertino strives to support individuals with disabilities to have meaningful and genuine relationships and fulfilling lives.  The school is serving in a small community where resources for kids with disabilities are limited.  The Arizona Leadership Foundation is proud to support the Trevizo family and in allowing Faith to have this environment to learn and grow in.