Meet Annette

December 20, 2018

Annette is currently a senior attending San Miguel High School in Tucson, where she started as a freshman through support of the Arizona Leadership Foundation. She really likes the Corporate Work Study Program at San Miguel. She believes it has exposed her to what a professional work setting is going to be like and helped her to fine tune what she wants to study when she gets to college. Her favorite subject is Math, as she finds it to be universally important. She appreciates the role San Miguel has played in preparing her for college. Her goal since she started Kindergarten was to be the first person in her family to attend college. She is not sure what she wants to study yet but possibly something in International Business; she is very interested in learning different languages and about a variety of cultures. Annette enjoys writing poetry, reading, and video editing. She is involved in several activities at school including the Ambassadors program, which has been a big help to her in public speaking. She also serves on Student Council and is a member of both National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society. The scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation has allowed her to continue to attend San Miguel and she if very thankful for that opportunity. She believes she has a bright future ahead of her because she has had so many opportunities presented to her in high school.