Student Spotlights

Meet Adam from Valley Lutheran in Phoenix
July 31, 2020

Meet Adam and get to know him in his own words. He will be a senior this year at Valley Lutheran High School located in Phoenix.

My name is Adam Niyogushima I am an aspiring entrepreneur and a future world changer. I am in the process of becoming a financial professional, I am about one month away from getting my state license to become a financial advisor/professional. I plan on holding off on college for now and plan to look back into it down the road. If and when I do go to college, I would like to study business and learn more about real estate and the stock market.

I stated my company five years ago when I was in 7th grade. I remember one day I was sitting in church, then all of a sudden, I was stuck with a vision that would later become the brand that I have today. Niyogushima, is a Christian clothing brand that is dedicated to helping the less fortunate. We want to use our platform to spread awareness. Niyogushima is a byproduct of a society that’s mainly focused on itself. A society that is heartless to those that are less fortunate than them. In today’s society money, fame, and power are what controls and motivate people to wake up every morning. Our goal as an organization is to be the prime example of helping those who are less fortunate than us.

My family situation is pretty different from others, I live with my mom, my dad and my grandma. I also live with my eight siblings. My dad was the only one working at first but my mom recently got a job to help support our family. We are 11 people living under one roof so things get expensive especially with school.

With regards to school, I chose Valley Lutheran because I wanted to be treated as a person not a number and having a school where I could grow into my faith. I have played sports (football, basketball, track) and did some drama during my four years at Valley. My favorite subject is business or economics.

The scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation has given me the opportunity to go to school where I can not only grow as a person but also with my faith.

About Valley Lutheran High School:
Valley Lutheran is accredited by both AdvancEd and National Lutheran Schools Association. It is a small high school that started in 1981. Of the students that graduate, 99% of them continue on to college. The student/teacher ratio is 12:1 so the teachers have the opportunity to get to know each student.

School Mission: Valley Lutheran High School provides a foundation for a life of faith, learning and service through a biblical, Christ-centered, college preparatory education and Christian relationships.


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