Jose Carlos Macias

March 07, 2017

Jose Carlos Macias is currently a senior at Yuma Catholic High School, where he has a 3.97 GPA. In his words, he chose his current school because of religious and moral opportunities. The smaller class sizes have helped him have more interaction with his teachers and he feels this is better preparing him for college. He also has been able to take advantage of the advanced placement courses. Through these classes, he completed his Associates in Arts degree at Arizona Western College. His favorite subject in school is Science. He has been a member of National Honor Society since his sophomore year and participated in Odyssey of the Mind through school during his sophomore and junior years. In his free time, he enjoys karate, tinkering with computers, reading and solving puzzles. After graduating from high school, Jose would like to study Robotics in college and become a Robotic Engineer.

Jose is thankful for his scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation. His father lost his job last year and it took him more than six months to find a new job to support the family. The job loss caused the family to miss house payments and ultimately the foreclosure of their home. His parents are getting back on their feet and plan to help support Jose in college. Without his scholarship from the Arizona Leadership Foundation, it would have not been possible for them to keep Jose enrolled at Yuma Catholic and on track towards his goal of attending college.

“This generous foundation has aided my family with my high school tuition. Without the help, I would not have been able to get a high tiered education and most likely wouldn’t have aspired to become a successful engineer,” said Jose when asked to talk about the role that Arizona Leadership Foundation has had on his education and his life.