Jonah and Liam Parnaby

January 10, 2016

Ori Parnaby was searching for a school for her two sons, Jonah and Liam. As an alumni of Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA) Ori was drawn to the small class sizes, community feel and parent involvement the academy offers—she knew immediately this was the perfect fit for her boys.

Along with the academic programs, THA surrounds its students with culture, traditions and values which was something that other institutions can not offer—as a parent, this was something that Ori truly valued. “The schooling is amazing. My kids are not only really getting prepared for high school and college but they are receiving an enriching education,” claimed Ori.

Jonah and Liam (who are now in the 7th and 8th grades) have really taken to the school. THA offers electives and extra-curricular programs such as music, drama, art and athletics which provides students with a well-rounded education. “I’m really looking forward to taking creative writing next year,” said Laim, who will be entering the Upper School (grades 5-8) in the fall of 2016.

THA’s curriculum and coursework (inclusive of advanced mathematics) prepares students for the challenges they will face once they graduate and enter high school. The academy offers an extensive Enrichment program for gifted students as well as a dedicated Student Support Services department for those that need a little extra assistance.

Jonah, who will be entering 8th grade next fall, is most looking forward to the class-wide Israel trip that takes place every year. He is excited to be a leader and mentor to the younger students, something that he feels grateful to have received when he first entered THA.

The sense of support is one of the things Ori loves most about THA. She is confident that when her sons graduate, they will share the same fond memories of this special school.