Jazlynn, 5

May 20, 2016

At the tender age of 5, Jazlynn had never had any heart issues… In July of 2015, Jazlynn’s family was shocked to find out that she would need heart surgery. Like most parents, they had been busy deciding on where to send their child to Kindergarten. However, enrollment was put on hold as Jazlynn underwent heart surgery.

The family had applied for scholarships for her to attend the school of their choice, Phoenix Christian. However they weren’t sure if she would even be able to start in the fall due to her surgery. Amazingly, Jazlynn who is a very strong little girl, recovered from surgery quickly and was excited to start Kindergarten. Hopeful that she still might be able to attend Kindergarten with her peers, the family went in to Phoenix Christian Preparatory School to inquire about a payment schedule. To their surprise, the Arizona Leadership Foundation had already sent $2,500 towards her tuition. They believed this was a confirmation about where Jazlynn should attend school and felt so blessed.

The weeks flew by quickly and Jazlynn started Kindergarten exactly three-weeks post-surgery! Now Jazlynn is nearing the end of her Kindergarten year. Jazlynn loves her school, teachers and friends—she even loves the school’s nurse. Jazlynn is doing very well, enjoys doing her homework, practicing her weekly bible verse and her family loves the environment where she is growing up. Jazlynn’s mom said “If it wasn’t for Arizona Leadership Foundation’s scholarship, there would have been no way Jazlynn would have been able to attend Phoenix Christian.”