Isaac Gomez

November 15, 2015

Here is a story about Isaac Gomez, an eighth grade student at Imago Dei Middle School. With his mother’s encouragement he chose to attend Imago Dei because it provides focused one-on-one attention with the students. In public school Isaac stayed the course and ran under the radar. Now at Imago Dei, he is challenged—there is more dedicated teacher attention and he is grateful for the interaction, as it allows Issac to focus on his future.

We understand from Isaac at the beginning of every week students are complaining about the short weekends, as we all would love to have more time to relax. But Monday is a day Isaac really looks forward to because during 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. it is “Student Leadership.” Student Leadership is a program that enables students to make positive changes in their school. Along with being a Sargent of Arms, Isaac is also the vice president of Robotics; being part of these programs keeps him and the other students he guides on task and focused.

Next year, Isaac will be a freshman at Saint Augustine High school. He decided on Saint Augustine for the same reasons he chose Imago Dei—both are small and have a tremendous focus on education. After graduating from Saint Augustine, Isaac hopes to attend Harvard—it’s a tall goal, but he has ambitions of becoming a lawyer.

Quoted directly from Isaac Gomez: “I am very pleased with my choice of Imago Dei as the academic classes are focused—there are two teachers in each classroom! Imago Dei has helped me become more social and college bound; I will never forget my teachers. Imago Dei is celebrating its 10 Years Educating Scholars and I am excited to be the tenth class to graduate.”