Darius and Teague Williams

June 04, 2017

Meet the Williams brothers who attend Gilbert Christian School: Darius, 14, will be entering high school as a Freshman this fall, and Teague, 11, will be in the 6th grade. In 2008, their father was downsized out of his job, and unfortunately was unemployed for five years. The family was living off of $241 a week for a family of four. Their mom, Cori had started to familiarize herself with student tuition organizations and how they worked. They were fortunate to receive funding for them to start school in a private faith based institution. This year, the family was hit with a tragic blow, when the boys’ father died suddenly of cardiac arrest at the age of 50. Cori works part time for Delta Air Lines, and logistically there was no way that her income could provide for the tuition at Gilbert Christian School. Last year, both boys were awarded scholarships from Arizona Leadership Foundation that allowed them to stay at Gilbert Christian.

“I am always humbled by the blessing and so very thankful to Arizona Leadership Foundation for their scholarship awards that allow me to continue sending my boys to a faith-based school of our choice,” said Cori.

Darius is very gifted musically. He inherited that talent from his father, who spent many years singing in our church choir. Transferring to Gilbert Christian, known for its strong choral department provided many opportunities for Darius to thrive in this area. His favorite subject in school is math. Teague enjoys art and animation, and Gilbert Christian’s wonderful art teacher has provided him a creative outlet as well.