Student Spotlights

Christian Chavez
March 27, 2016

I am currently a senior at Yuma Catholic High School. For the past four years, this school has opened my eyes to possibilities that were once only a dream. When I was 10, I saw the Shamrocks play football and now I’m part of this team. Sports is not the only reason I attend Yuma Catholic High School, but it has taught me life lessons both on and off the field…lessons that I know will help me as I work to fulfill my life goals.

Along with sports, I am the Student Body President and I cherish this more than any other accomplishment because this is not something a student earns overnight. The campaigning was hard but I tried my best to show myself as being presidential. This is an accomplishment that makes me want to work even harder for all the people that voted for me. Being the Student Body President has made me want to be a leader in other ways, like becoming an owner of my own physical therapy business.

I feel very grateful to the Arizona Leadership Foundation, as they were instrumental in helping me afford tuition at Yuma Catholic. The school has small class sizes and teachers are very accessible and willing to help their students. My favorite subject is Anatomy and Physiology because I am looking forward to becoming a physical therapist so learning the body and the way it works really is essential to the job. After graduation, I plan to attend Colorado State University Pueblo to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. My long term goal is to attend the University of Colorado in pursuit of a PhD, and eventually open a private practice as a physical therapist, with an emphasis in rehabilitation therapy.

My interest in physical therapy and rehabilitation began after my father was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Seeing the relief my father received from his therapists and how they were able to keep deteriorating muscles somewhat limber, inspired me to pursue this as a career so I can help others in similar situations. I have been an athlete since childhood, so I am also interested in how physical therapy can speed the rehabilitation process for those with sports injuries. I want to learn and possibly pioneer new methods of therapy for those with debilitating illnesses and injuries.

I have never been afraid to work hard for what I want. My family does not have a lot of money, but we do have a lot of faith and love. Watching my mom as she cares for my dad while working full-time and raising three children has humbled and inspired me. And seeing my dad’s positive attitude while he physically declines has shown me that I cannot give up. I am not saying these things to cause you to feel pity – I am truly blessed to have these two amazing people as parents and role models. I am determined to make them as proud of me as I am of them.


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