October 07, 2017

When Brian was three, his family was told that Brian may be “on the autistic spectrum.” They knew Brian was having a difficult time, but this was the first time they heard he might be different. This was the start of a journey that would have Brian tested and retested, moved from school to school, given special diets, various medications, many therapies, and a host of interventions. Brian came to Intermountain in August of 2016 as a 16-year-old Junior, even though he struggled with maturity and academics. When they first visited Intermountain, the family immediately could feel the difference. The staff at the school understood Brian and they didn’t look at him as broken. When they were told “we want Brian to come to our school” it was music to their ears. Intermountain has been a life-saver to Brian and his family.

Intermountain has supported Brian’s development, directly and by helping the family find services that address his myriad of needs. Foremost, Brian is learning again and he loves going to school. Intermountain also developed a Functional Behavioral Assessment and an implementation plan that involved the entire “Child Family Team” of both Intermountain staff and others involved with Brian’s development.

Brian, now 17, has started his second year at Intermountain Academy. He enjoys his new teacher and looks forward to going to school. The family feels confident that Brian can start to think about what life can be like after high school – how to take steps towards semi-independence, how to work, and how to perhaps even take college courses. Brian’s family is grateful to the Arizona Leadership Foundation for their role in bringing Brian to Intermountain Academy, as it has made a world of difference for Brian and his whole family.